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Frequently Asked Questions

General donations are used to supplement fees and to cover salaries, new improvements, and day-to-day operational activities of the school. Donations for scholarships are used specifically to offset fees the children cannot pay as fees. Our Trustees all serve in a voluntary capacity.

Specific donations given to specific projects approved by the board will be used for those projects.

The trust is governed by a board of trustees who approve new projects and the budget. Accounts are audited and are available at the request of major donors. The Trust is registered and registration numbers are available on the website.

They are tax deductible only in India if you are a Citizen of India or a foreign national, considered resident in India for tax purposes and paying taxes in India. 50% of such donations are tax deductible under section 80G Act (5) (IV)of Income Tax Act 1961.

Name, PAN details and address of the donor are required by the Govt of India for us to issue you with a tax-deductible receipt.

We are not currently registered to receive foreign contributions under FCRA.